I am two thirds of the way through school, and I am feeling the heat. Being creative becomes a chore for me as time wears on. But I have been reading a lot of design blogs lately, seeking advice and hope. And I actually came across a great artical called, 11 things they didn’t teach you at art school.

One point really stood out to me from those 11 points, how to stay creative! I cannot even begin to explain how many times I have found myself doing work , where in the end I wanted to throw it in the trash! I did not feel invested or excited about it.  But how does one remain excited about their work, always pushing creativity, and not getting stuck in a designers rut?

Jason Newcomb who writes on his own design blog at, thedeependdesign, gives the advice of surrounding yourself with creative people. This is really awesome advice. you are what you eat, so feed your soul some design, in any form.

And my advice to you comes in a similar form, allow yourself to really draw from other peoples ideas, and creativity. DON’T FEEL BAD! Every idea is inspired by at least one thing you have seen before. As the saying goes, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Don’t get me wrong, I am not!… promoting plagiarism. But I often find myself looking at other work to be inspired, be it, from artist long past, or current designers, and I use that inspiration to fuel my work.

One last piece of advice, which I read from Ian Wharton, creative director at Zolmo, talking about school, he says, “When you leave, never stop learning and waste zero time making things you don’t want to be known for.”

This is my new way to model my designs by and keep my creative metabolism in high gear. This piece of design, would I want to be known for this, or not?

Till next time!

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