RGD (registered graphic designers of Ontario) is a place for designers to meet, share knowledge, and, promote continuous learning. They do this through many different medias, webinars, events, articles, etc. I decided to take advantage of this great opportunity to hear from designers, that have great experience and advice for a newbie like myself.

I decided to watch one of the posted panel videos about “how creative people arrive at ideas”. This really peaked my interest because I want to have really bright ideas for my designs, so therefore I am desperate to know how the pros do it!

I really liked the experience I had watching the video, I enjoyed listening to the five people who sat on the panel. They were asked questions from audience members or other panel members and gave very insightful answers. It was also enjoyable being able to watch from the comfort of my apartment. Real people attended the seminar live, but it was a great experience being able to watch what they had recorded. A small part of me wishes I could have been there to ask some questions which I had on my mind. 

One thing I learned and really enjoyed hearing about was how the member on the panel brainstorm. Everyone on the panel stated that the best way to brainstorm is throwing ideas out verbally and writing it all down. They also said that when you are brainstorming alone or in a group, be aware of your surrounding, what food are you eating, music, noise, etc. all of these things can greatly affect your mental readiness for brainstorming. I really enjoyed listening to people with a variety of experiences give their different inputs to the same questions. I will definitely be watching more webinars. its even great to have on as I am working on a design project, who knows, it might spark an idea. I will definitely be watching more of these videos, especially when I have a brain block and perhaps i will really take advantage of RGD and join live web feeds, I hope to see you designers there!

Go ahead and give this short video from RGD a try!