ImageOver the past few months I have been keeping this blog, and if you read back to my first few posts I was rather resentful to be forced to write to the public. But over these cold winter months I have begun to enjoy putting ideas together, slapping a title on it and allowing anyone to read it if they chose to. One thing I have learned is that trying new things is a good thing, even to just say that “I’ve done that”. So perhaps I won’t keep with up the design blogging once the busy summer comes rolling around but I can see myself blogging about more personal things, subjects which might really help people and of course, with a designer-y twist.

But I would like to reflect a little on why do we design? Do you design or create? and why do you? I have thought about this a lot and I will continue to. But I started designing because I wanted to express myself in ways that could make people feel happy about what they see when I am done. So whenever you feel insecure about a design you are working on or have self doubts, remind yourself of why you love design in the first place.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hoffman


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