Being a manager of your own time can be grueling and difficult. I for one am terrible at managing time, projects and deadlines. This is not a good place to find yourself in when you are in school, it is better to nip it in the “behind” than to let it stalk you into your career.

Here are a few strategies I plan on using in my future to help myself stay on top of my life,

Get enough sleep: This one might sound either too easy or that it might have the opposite effect on getting projects done on time. Personally I fall apart without sleep, I get sick, grumpy, sluggish, and foggy. These are all bad team mates to have when you need to focus and “get’er done”. So be kind and unwind with some sleep.

Cut it into bite sizes: Sometimes I find myself writing HUGE to-do list for one day. It become depressing when you suddenly realize how long this will all take you to finish. Feeling depressed makes me want to get out, watch tv, sleep excessively, shop online… basically anything that is not on my to-do list. So instead I now try to do little bits, this seems a lot less frightening and won’t require the heimlich maneuver.

Do it when you’re in the mood: Not what you think, sadly. But don’t try to work on projects, work, etc, when you are not at your best. Personally evening, sometimes night time seems to work best for me. I am as slow as a sloth til about noon, so it has become quite futile to even attempt being productive in the AM. So find when you feel most alert and mentally focused. I even find that depending on my mood, I might need complete silence to work, or I might need music/movies running in the background.

I do believe it might take me years to figure this all out, how to be productive and not feel like it is killing me by the second. But hopefully every semester I will have grown just a little bit more.

til next time!