After 100’s of hours of designing and class, and lectures, I find myself in my second last semester. I have one more to go! This is a very scary yet exciting place to find myself in. And Although the journey of college is finished for a good percent of my class, I do not find myself in that same place.

End of my second year I found myself not enjoying design, from the smallest seams which hold design together to the large sheets of fabric that make up what design is all about. I just couldn’t stand any of it, this scared me, and i considered dropping out. But then I looked at it from a different perspective. I could finish my degree, and spend the next year and a bit to really think about where I want to take my education/career.

And that is exactly what I did. I am not done mulling these thoughts over, or discovering what might be out there. It is very scary to now be considering what second educational path I want to take next fall. I am three years older and do not want to mess up again.

So my first step was to talk to some adults, ei. my parents, my fiances parents, my professors and my counselor. I have come to find out it is rather common for people to regret what they studied in Uni, I have also found it common for people to go through with finishing their degree and either working in a completely different field or going back to school for another round of schooling.

My next step was to admit this out loud, that I did not like what I was studying, that I did not want a career in it, and that I am completely dumbfounded about what to do next, and there is an obvious fear and pressure to make the correct choice this time!

My current step, is a difficult one, where I am currently still finishing my graphic design degree yet I am putting a lot of focus on what I want to study next fall. I do not want to rush into this, but I feel the end of my third year bearing down on me, and its feeling a tad bit terrifying.

In conclusion, this blog might not be about graphic design, but it might be about a more important subject, life design. I am doing my best to design a life for myself, and my family. Do i regret ever studying graphic design? No, not quite. I wish I hadn’t put three years of my young life into it, but I learned so much about myself, that you can’t fully put a price on it. I believe it has set me up for choosing the perfect career/education for myself.

I hope this has spoken to someone who might be feeling squeamish, either with graduation baring down on them, or feeling insecure about a choice you have made.

Here is a fun buzzfeed video, on a slightly different but related note, ENJOY!

Till next time