As a designer, we draw our inspiration from other designers and ideas. thanks to the world-wide web, finding that much needed inspiration, seems endless! but today I am going to narrow it down a tad. Soooo, here are three design blogs that I find particularly awesome.

Swiss miss, is an awesome blog. The blogger is Tina Roth Eisenberg and she posts a lot of great videos and pictures about new design on the market. She has a great sense of humor on her writing, and really knows what she is talking about. She also posts some personal things, and it is quite funny sometimes.

Veekee blog originates out of Edmonton, Alberta. I find this very exciting, to see what a fellow Canadian has to say about design. Victoria Wiercinsk, the blogger, has an amazing sense of style, very natural, yet very up to date.

and last but certainly NOT least we have…

This is not so much a written blog, but they have an incredible collection of design from different designers posted on their site. I could literally look for hours, in fact, I just did. haha! I really find myself inspired to step outside of my tiny little boxy cubical, and design truly from that weird part in my head.

I hope that you can add these sites to your collection. Till next time!




My very first time

Here it is, all laid out there for the world to see… My very first time blogging! Sorry to disappoint, but it’s way too early to divulge allll my secrets.

I’ve always written things to be kept hidden away, in little folders on my laptop, to be taken to my grave. Not this time! This first blog of mine is going to be fairly design based, seeing as how I am in graphic design school. I might post some of my own work, or other work from around the web that I think you can find inspiration from, because we all need a little bit more of that. Stay tuned!